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Globalshowroom was gratefully honored with the Best Business (Product) Certificate of Merit.
《商品說明 (不良營商手法)(修訂)條例》保障消費者提供公平優良的競爭環境
Globalshowroom 教你慎選網上商店服務供應商
Became online STORE service provider for Yata Department Store ;(一田百貨)
Became service provider for HKPASEA (香港專業及資深行政人員協會)
Globalshowroom will be at the ICT Expo 2009 from APR 13 - 16 ~ Booth No.5F29, Hall 5, HKCEC. Come to see our latest products and discuss any potential ideas we can help you in the future. MORE ...
Became service provider for ASOCIO ICT Summit 2008 • Hong Kong SAR
Globalshowroom 2008 ~ NEW FACE! NEW LOOK!
Hong Kong ICT Award Ceremony - We were honored to receive Best Business (Product) Award. The Hong Kong ICT Awards 2007 is supported by The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The Government Chief Information Officer(OGCIO) is Chairman of the Organising Committee of the Awards.
「第五屆珠三角軟件產業合作與發展論壇」event web site launched
Became service provider for Ming Kei Energy Holdings Limited(8239.HK)
Globalshowroom web content management and online store system-wide server migration and upgrades
Globalshowroom - Mobile Device Version
Globalshowroom - Mobile Device Version! Mobile Ready! 100% Mobile Friendly!

Free upgrade for all users!

Since the mobile device version of the interface is relatively narrow, if we're just narrowing the web pages directly to adapt the interface width, the arrangement of the layout can only be limited within the norms of the existing version of the website, some mobile device gestures and movements will also be ignored. Eventually "Mobile Friendly" will be failed to achieve a good result.

So we Globalshowroom - the design and arrangement of the layout are entirely new development with latest mobile technologies well implemented

Globalshowroom - Mobile Version shares the contents of the existing version of the Web page, users only has to update the content through the existing CMS, both of the web and mobile version website will also be updated accordingly.

In browsing, you can experience the advantages of Globalshowroom - Mobile Version!

Mobile Gesture
  • Swipe Left / Right - lateral multi-level navigation catalog/menu;
  • Scroll down To Bottom of page - automatically load the next page (Product / News Information).
UI Design
  • Perfectly browsing on Mobile Devices - 100% Mobile Friendly;
  • Product / Information - view mode - 1. Thumbnail Mode; 2. Brief Mode;
  • Product / Information - lateral multi-level navigation catalog/menu - users can jump to other levels at any time, browsing other directories or product is just ease by using the cross Categories/Menus Breadcrumbs;
  • Device Orientation Mode - 1. Vertical; 2. Horizontal.

Have fun :)

Globalshowroom OnlineSTORE Globalshowroom WebCMS
Globalshowroom Online Store gives all the essentials needed of an online shopping cart system - with world-wide trading capability to help your business to open new foreign sales channel. In accordance with Globalshowroom DIY Technology, its workflow is comprehensive, yet simple to use.

* Globalshowroom exclusive design shipping model for worldwide trade.

From HK$4,800 - HK$38,000 [media] [read more]

Globalshowroom Onlinestore (Success Case) [read more]
Globalshowroom WebCMS provides comprehensive web management systems which greatly improves business image.

Globalshowroom Web CMS can satisfy even the most demanding corporate client.

From HK$3,600 - HK$18,000 [read more]

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Globalshowroom WebCMS (Success Case) [read more]
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